is a Master Antique Clock Repair Service for Weschester, Dutchess, Western Conneticut, Long Island covering Nassau Suffolk Queens and other parts of New York NY

Providing World-Class Clock Repair & Restoration Services for High Quality Antique and Vintage Mechanical Clocks. Servicing Clockowners of Westchester, Dutchess, and Long Island New York for over 25 Years! specialize in 18th, 19th and early 20th century antique clocks ranging from the finest, complicated and delicate pieces to massive bell tower clocks and all types in between. We take great pride in conserving and restoring antique timepieces and have all the equipment, experience and passion necessary to do the finest mechanical restoration work available in the horological industry.  

Whether you have an antique clock with great sentimental value you need to restore, or have purchased a old timepiece with the intent to pass it down through generations, we have the ability to restore your treasured heirloom to its original splendor. We use the utmost skill and care on every job vowing not to make any unnecessary alterations. We can value a clock's worth and sometimes can be called on as experts to price pieces in estates sales and auction houses.

All clock repair work can be done on premises or in our fully equipped shop by Edward Figueroa, Master Clockmaker and carries a one year warranty on the fix or repair unless otherwise noted. services clocks in Westchester, Dutchess, Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York, Western Conneticut, and most of the surrounding NYC area in New York. Please feel free to contact us about any clock repair, service, appraisals, or even if you have a general question you need answered, we are willing to help.

Our Specialty

Specializing in repair & restoration of fine antique clocks, including English Bell Strike & Tubular Chime Grandfather Clocks, Banjo, Wall & Mantel Clocks.

Clock Repair, Clock Restoration

Repair & restoration services for contemporary floor clocks, including Howard Miller, Sligh, Trend, Ridgeway, Colonial, Emperor.

House Calls for Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks

House calls for Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks: on-site maintenance service & pickup/delivery repair service


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We Service

  • Mantel Clocks
  • Wall Clocks
  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Antique Cuckoo Clocks
  • Anniversary Clocks
  • American & European Antique
  • Vintage & Modern Clocks

Partial list of clocks serviced: Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Ingraham, Gilbert, New Haven, Kroeber, Jerome, Waterbury, Welch, Terry, Sessions, Enfied, Smiths, Dent, Junghans, Kienzle, Hamburg-American, Urgos, Hermle, Kieninger, Jauch, Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Colonial, Trend, Barwick, Emperor, Gustav Becker, Chelsea, Boston Clock Co., Japy, Mougin and many, many more...

Restoration and Cleaning

When your clock comes into our shop for restoration, we completely disassemble it and thoroughly clean every part. But we don’t stop there. Worn or broken parts are fully repaired or replaced with the highest quality parts available. Each pivot is then polished and burnished and all worn pivot holes are reset with new bronze bushings. Upon reassembly, every clock is expertly lubricated with the finest clock oils and greases. Then we test run the time for accuracy and quality.

  • Complete disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning of all components
  • Thorough inspection and assessment
  • Replacement or refurbishment of worn or broken components and jeweled bearings
  • Fitting and installing new mainsprings
  • Polishing pivots and installing bushings
  • Oiling, regulating and accuracy-testing movement and strike functions for two weeks
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